Video: Rudy Giuliani on ABC This Week

What a difference a year makes. A year ago Rudy Giuliani gave one of the most electrifying speeches at CPAC and seemed to be the prohibitive favorite for the GOP nomination. Now, if you listen very closely, you can almost detect a pulse in the Rudy campaign. At this point in the race he’s quite a bit like an NFL team that everyone expected to dominate its division but late in the season, it needs some breaks and losses by other overperforming teams to get back into contention. And as Stephanopolous mentions, he keeps losing to candidates that he should smoke. So he’s up against the wall needing a win in Florida, where he finds himself in a four-way do-or-die and carrying no buzz or momentum at all from any early contests, and dealing with his own numbers tanking while McCain’s are rising. Not good. But also, not dead. Yet.