Mexican state whines about influx of Mexican workers

Here’s the story. When I came to this section, I lol’d.

A delegation of nine state legislators from Sonora was in Tucson on Tuesday to say Arizona’s new employer sanctions law will have a devastating effect on the Mexican state.

At a news conference, the legislators said Sonora – Arizona’s southern neighbor, made up of mostly small towns – cannot handle the demand for housing, jobs and schools it will face as illegal Mexican workers here return to their hometowns without jobs or money.

Now they know what it’s been like north of the border.

“How can they pass a law like this?” asked Mexican Rep. Leticia Amparano Gamez, who represents Nogales.

“There is not one person living in Sonora who does not have a friend or relative working in Arizona,” she said in Spanish.

Well, that’s the problem, isn’t it. Rep. Gamez earns an epic fail. And so will Mexico if it can’t figure out how to take care of its own citizens without exporting them.