Videos: Katie Couric outtakes; Diane Keaton drops the F-bomb on live TV

We’re in that dead zone of waiting for news but not having any to report. So how about a throwaway post that might make us laugh. First up, Katie Couric anchors the New Hampshire primary on January 8. On camera, she’s Miss Perky. Behind the scenes, she’s Miss Perky Who Likes to Swear. Or the Anchor Who Doesn’t Know Anything. Seriously, she doesn’t seem to know the first thing about, well, anything. And she likes to swear.

It’s unbleeped, so here’s your content warning.

When I started out in broadcasting, we always had cuss-cans to discourage broadcasters from swearing anywhere near a microphone — dirty words would cost you money. Evidently either CBS has no such can, or Couric makes so much money the cuss can just isn’t a threat.

Anyway, our second selection is from GMA this morning. Diane Keaton drops the F-bomb on Diane Sawyer during a live broadcast. Like the previous clip it’s not bleeped, so here’s your content warning.

TV Newser’s write-up:

Keaton said, “Those lips, I love them. I would like to have lips like that. Then I wouldn’t have worked on my f**king personality. Excuse me, my personality. If I had lips like yours, I’d be better off. My life would be better. I would be married. I have these thin lips.”

Sawyer covered her mouth in shock at Keaton let the curse fly on live television. “My mother is going to work on your personality with soap in your mouth,” Sawyer said as Keaton apologized.