Surprise: George Soros funded the Lancet study

Well, I guess he got what he paid for — major anti-war agitprop dressed up as scholarship.

A study that claimed 650,000 people were killed as a result of the invasion of Iraq was partly funded by the antiwar billionaire George Soros.

Soros, 77, provided almost half the nearly $100,000 cost of the research, which appeared in The Lancet, the medical journal. Its claim was 10 times higher than consensus estimates of the number of war dead.

The study, published in 2006, was hailed by antiwar campaigners as evidence of the scale of the disaster caused by the invasion, but Downing Street and President George Bush challenged its methodology.

Media Matters for America…MoveOn…now the Lancet study. What anti-war outfit doesn’t Soro$ fund in one way or another.

The scholars insist that Soros’ money didn’t taint their findings. So why didn’t they disclose the fact that Soros was their money-man?

The other day Allahpundit asked “Who benefits?” when news emerged that new doubts were being raised about the Lancet study. Now we know.

(Photoshop poached from Moonbattery)