Debate Highlights: Fred takes Huck to the woodshed; Update: Fred on "virgins"; Update: Stalking horse?

Who wants some piping hot Fred? Here he is taking Mike Huckabee to task for his campaign manager suggesting that the Reagan coalition is dead. Fred then goes on to hammer Huckabee’s liberal tendencies.

Update (AP): Here’s the obligatory “virgins” one-liner re: the momentary naval standoff this week in the Straits of Hormuz.

Update (AP): Enjoy the attack on Huck, but I hasten to remind you that it’s not Huck who’s ahead right now in SC. If Fred’s unwilling to attack McCain too then he’s not really trying to win, he’s simply trying to take Huck down. Which benefits … McCain.

Update (AP): I’m not accusing Fred of being a stalking horse in intent but in fact. If he won’t attack McCain then he’s forfeiting an opportunity to vault past him.

Update (AP): Some of the commenters are wondering why I think Fred helped McCain tonight by attacking Huckabee after saying a few days ago that he’s probably hurting Mac more than Huck by staying in the race. Answer: The two aren’t mutually exclusive. If he dropped out tomorrow, I think McCain would benefit since the ‘Heads are slightly more likely to break towards the war candidate than the values candidate (I think). By attacking Huck tonight, though, Fred presumably peeled away a few of Huck’s own supporters. It doesn’t really matter where they go since they’ll only amount to a few percent and McCain leads both Mitt and Fred by double digits. It’s a net benefit to him that Huckabee loses supporters, period, even if he loses them to Fred.