Video: Guardian reporter examines the "paranoia" inside the Obama campaign

The paranoid part starts about 4 minutes in, when the Obama minions keep trying to stop the Guardian’s reporter from talking to people at the event. One Obama staffer tries to pass it off on the Secret Service, but that seems bogus on its face since everyone is already in the building and therefore inside whatever security screens the Secret Service had set up. The last attempt to remove the reporter seems easier to justify since she might be distracting Obama staffers from doing their work. Prior to the paranoid parts we meet various people who have come to the conclusion that a charismatic first-term senator is the best choice for president.

The whole piece is very interesting as a glimpse inside the hollowness that is the Obama campaign. It sells “Hope. Action. Change.” Which means…what, exactly? Whatever it means, it attracts Oprah devotees, real Republicans and people who just want to be a part of a “moment.”