New Hampshire: The Longest Day Update: Dude, where's Obama's foreign policy?

Unlike the Iowa caucuses, New Hampshire’s primary voting started at midnight. Dicksville Notch, NH is where it all starts and we already have the results from that vote: McCain took the GOP side and Obama took the Dem side. But Dicksville Notch’s 17 voters, total, don’t tell us all that much about how the rest of the state will vote.

We’ll have results from elsewhere around the state as the come in today. For now, here’s Mike Huckabee’s appearance on Letterman last night. Guess what kind of candidate he’s running as. If you guessed “change,” give yourself a pat on the back.

Update: The “Iron my shirt” idiots weren’t Clinton plants, after all. They were shock jock morons.

Update: We have some of the best tipsters. Look what one of them didn’t find on Obama’s campaign site. Start on this page and scroll down to click on the link that reads “Read the plan.” We’d all love to see the plan…