Video: Dick Morris says Hillary will use race to beat Obama

This is from H&C last night — well known ex-Clintonista turned Hillary hater Dick Morris cites Bill Clinton’s Sister Souljah moment to predict that Hillary will use race to defeat Obama. But among the points he expects Hillary to use against Obama is that he’s “not experienced enough” to be elected. That’s not a racist statement, and it happens to be true imho. It’s also true of Hillary, for whatever that’s worth. If she or a surrogate says the country “isn’t ready” to elect Obama, well, that’s closer to making a race-based case against Obama. But it runs the risk of backfiring badly, as it may prompt uncommitted voters to back Obama just to prove that they’re not racists and that the country is “ready” to elect him. It’s thin gruel. I’m not saying she won’t do this or that she’s somehow above it. She has to do something to knock Obama down a peg, and the Clintons do fight dirty. I’m just not convinced that Morris knows which way her inevitable attack is going to play out.

Besides all of that, just how credulous is Alan Colmes? Totally credulous, at least when a Clinton is the topic. You’ll see that in the second half of the clip.

Exit thought: Who could be Hillary’s Sister Souljah? This potential one also runs certain backfire risks, though the nutroots would eat it up. How about Akon?