Video: Chris Matthews beholds his Messiah

This is from last night/this morning, after Obama’s win. All you Huck haters out there, pay a little attention to how some Democrats are talking about Barack Obama now. The reality of Obama is that he’s a one-term senator, somewhat charismatic but in terms of politics a near Marxist liberal and on foreign policy a total neophyte and squish. He’s not qualified for the job he seeks. He speaks in platitudes, but that’s what people want. Whether it’s Ezra Klein talking about how Obama can apparently stop time or whether it’s Chris Matthews here talking about how Obama has been delivered to us (I missed the star over the stable, unfortunately), the phenomenon that put Huck on top on our side is also at work on the other side. We’ll have to name it at some point if it goes on long enough, but for now just take a gander at it.

Exit statement: Huckabee’s rise isn’t friendly to libertarians in the GOP, but Obama’s rapture is even less friendly to libertarians.

(h/t John Ziegler)

*I see that the host is having an issue with the clip. It happens. Give it a few minutes, maybe refresh the page once or twice.