Video: Bill Richardson accidentally calls Musharraf a "terrorist" before settling on just calling him a "tyrant"

Either way, it’s not exactly helpful to go around calling allies who may be on the cusp of civil war that could empower our true enemies with nuclear weapons names. That would be true whether the ally in question was perfect or imperfect. As to why it would be good to “stand against” Musharraf as Richardson wants the US to do, Richardson doesn’t seem to have thought that far ahead. We “stand against Musharraf”…and then what? All those buildings that the rioters have burned will unburn themselves? Bhutto will rise from the grave and the Islamists who have infested the streets and the army and the ISI will just magically turn into kittens? Nawaz Sharif won’t be a crook and the PPP will become a Jeffersonian political party?

If I didn’t know better, between calling on Musharraf to resign and calling him a “tyrant,” I’d think that Richardson wants to turn Pakistan’s president into Iran’s former Shah. It doesn’t look like he has considered all that might go along with that.

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