Video: Hillary cackles about being a mistrusted political figure

Why is Hillary Clinton such a mistrusted person? It could be because everything about her, from her marriage to her preferences in baseball to every single vote she casts and every single word she says, appears calculated and contrived rather than real. It could be because she wants to claim anything positive from her husband’s years as president but wants to fence off discussion of anything negative from those same years. It could be because there are so many mysteries about her years in the White House, from the Rose law firm records to the FBI files to Travelgate, that directly point at her involvement but have never really been answered.

Or it could be that she consistently reacts unnaturally to environmental stimuli. There’s nothing funny about the question that her once and perhaps future minion asks her in this segment. But she cackles in response as though she’s been attacked with a feather duster. Except that I’m not sure that would induce an honest to goodness laugh out of her.

The latest cackle, isolated.

It’s not quite as inhuman as the last Hillacackle I caught, but it’s still spine chilling. It ain’t human, I tell ya.