Open thread: NFL week 17

Here’s the schedule. Most games around the league today don’t mean squat. The playoff picture is set for the top seeds in both conferences, the playoff-bound Patriots and Giants played to Patriot perfection last night, and most teams already know whether they’re in the playoffs or their seasons are done.

But there are a few interesting games. The Cowboys have nothing to play for other than their best record ever, TO is hurt and they’ll probably rest a few key players for the playoffs, but they could deprive their nemesis the Redskins of a playoff berth by beating them today. The Saints and Vikings both need that to happen in order to stay alive, and the Saints also need the Vikings to lose or they’re done. So it looks like this: Skins win and they’re in. Skins lose, Vikings win and the Vikings are in. Both lose and the Saints are in.

On the AFC side, only the Titans and Browns are in playoff doubt, and the Titans are in control. If they beat the Colts in the late game tonight, they’re in. If they lose (and the Colts don’t really have anything to play for) then the Browns are in.