Video: John Edwards' silly, angry new ad

John Edwards has an interesting view of the world. He thinks big corporations steal people’s futures out of greed. The reality is a bit more nuanced, of course. There are good corporations and there are bad ones. There are corporations that set out to make good products that make people’s lives better while making profits for their own shareholders (many of whom happen to be their workers), and there are corporations that set out to exploit cheap overseas labor to make a quick buck and they don’t really care about anything beyond that. I’ve worked for a couple of large corporations, one a for-profit and one a non-profit. Both were pretty good places to work, and I certainly never got the sense that anyone in them was out to steal my future or anyone else’s. My point is that not all corporations are equal in their goodness or in their evil. But you’d never learn that if you only listen to the increasingly shrill, bordering on anti-capitalist John Edwards. He’s all anger and no substance.

By focusing the ad’s visual on Edwards’ audience, the producers obviously want to show nods of approval for his message. It also takes the focus off him and the fact that he’s a ginormous hypocrite on the subject of wealth.

If anyone steals futures, it’s trial lawyers who sue corporations into bankruptcy over human errors, thereby enriching themselves and to a lesser extent their clients while costing many other innocent people their jobs. But you’ll never hear anything like that from Edwards, either.