Video: ABC's Chris Cuomo plays the race card with Barack Obama

Big thanks to Extreme Mortman for catching this. Presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama appeared on Good Morning America today. Most of the interview consisted of standard boilerplate political fare, but GMA host Chris Cuomo asked Obama one question that says more about Cuomo’s beliefs than anything else. He asked Obama what is the greater obstacle for him in the presidential contest, Hillary’s political machine or “America’s inherent racism.” Nice. To his credit, Obama doesn’t pick up the card and play it himself.

Cuomo is the youngest son of former NY Gov. Mario Cuomo. Did his father teach him about America’s “inherent racism” or is that attitude just part of the liberal Democrat DNA?

Update (AP): Needless to say, consider this a preview of the media’s narrative if the Messiah fails to win it all. And also needless to say, that narrative will be much more prevalent if he loses in the general, to a Republican, than in the primary.

Allahpundit Dec 03, 2021 3:21 PM ET