Video: Duncan Hunter slams Congress for gutting the border fence

This is one of those stories that we at Hot Air fully expected to have to write. Where Washington and border security are concerned, the course of events is always predictable: Congresscritters say what they think they have to say to calm us yahoos down, and then they strike some midnight deal to render everything that they said a lie. We may have to unleash YouTube on these weasels again.

In this clip, Rep. Duncan Hunter lays into the miscreants in Congress who have once again proven that our political class is corrupt and uninterested in what the majority of the country wants done. I left in the tail end of Beck’s opening rant prior to Hunter’s interview to give you a couple of nuggets to prove my point on that. It’s another day in Washington, basically.

Glenn Beck also makes an excellent point about border patrol officers, which could easily be applied now to military members and the CIA agents who had to deal with high-value al Qaeda targets: Why do those jobs when you know with 100% certainty that the denizens of the Beltway will sell you out every chance they get?

Update: The “$10 million for lawyers for illegal immigrants” is incorrect, and based on a mischaracterization by Rep. Roy Blunt.