Video: Fantasy footballers are upset with Philly's Brian Westbrook

This is your ridiculous item of the day, and it’s one reason I don’t get into fantasy football: It takes some of the fun and rivalry out of the game itself. I despise the Philadelphia Eagles. Hate ’em hate ’em hate ’em. If I played fantasy football, though, I’d inevitably own an Eagle or two and that would take away from my incandescent hate for that team. We can’t have that. But I thought Eagles’ RB Brian Westbrook’s decision not to score on the Cowboys at the end of Sunday’s game was unselfish and sportsmanlike, and beyond that, smart (besides conforming to his coach’s orders), because it kept the ball out of the Cowboys’ hands for the last two minutes of the game. Ask the Bills and the Lions how vital it is to do that if you can. As a die-hard Cowboys fan, it’s hard for me to even say something nice about any Eagle player, but there it is, and what I’m saying relates to the sportsmanship, not my own selfish need to win at a fantasy game.

Well, fantasy owners who had Westbrook on their fantasy teams have their actual shorts in a bunch because his intelligent, sportsmanlike decision on the actual field of play cost them points and games in their fantasy leagues.

Try as hard as I might, I can’t generate any sympathy for them. Sorry.

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