Harry Reid slams John McCain over South Carolina radio ad

Heh. The worst thing you can do to a liberal is quote them accurately, and that’s what McCain did in a radio ad that he’s running in South Carolina. Dingy Harry doesn’t like it.

According to CNN, McCain’s new ad blasts Reid for saying the “war is lost” earlier in the year. McCain has been one of President Bush’s biggest backers on his Iraq war policy.

“‘Seven months ago, Democrat majority leader Harry Reid said the war in Iraq was lost,” the ad begins. “Well, he was wrong,'” CNN reported.

CNN also noted that “Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-South Carolina, McCain’s most prominent booster in the state, speaks for the majority of the spot, saying ‘the troop surge is working’ and that ‘we need a president prepared to win.'”

Reid is very unhappy with McCain new radio ad, and a Reid aide fired right back at the Arizona Republican tonight.

“While I understand that Senator McCain is fighting to revive his failed presidential campaign, his remarks are at odds with the vast majority of the American people, who are demanding a responsible end to this war,” said Jim Manley, Reid’s spokesman. “These kinds of attacks — and his consistent support of a failed strategy that has kept our troops mired in an endless civil war in another country — will only undermine Senator McCain’s credibility with voters.”

Blah blah blah. What a dumb thing for the Reid gang to get involved in. They turned a state story that no one would care much about into a national story that, once again, reminds us all that Harry Reid a) irresponsibly declared the war lost before the surge even started and b) pledged to refuse to listen to evidence that the surge was actually working.

It reminds us all once again that Harry Reid just isn’t up to the job of Senate Majority Leader.

(photo from Political Party Poop)