Documentary film maker Ken Burns endorses Obama

Great. Now Obama can rely on loooong, hideously expensive and yet tedious campaign ads featuring motion control moves on still images with wistful fiddle music in the soundtrack to sell us the dream that is Barack Obama.

Manchester, N.H. – New Hampshire resident and famed filmmaker Ken Burns said today that he is throwing his support behind Sen. Barack Obama for president, complaining that “recent events” and the negative tone of the campaign compelled him to come forward.

Burns, who lives in Walpole, said he had originally planned to stay neutral because there were things he liked about all the Democratic candidates for president.

When asked what specifically prompted him to come forward, Burns said, “Those recent events are pretty obvious.”

Burns also cited Obama’s opposition to the Iraq war, but Hillary’s latest displays of her pure evil obviously tipped him over the edge.

In some seriousness, Burns is probably the country’s greatest living documentary film maker. He could be an asset to Obama in New Hampshire. But most other documentary film makers hate him now because, after the Civil War series, he can waltz into PBS and say “I want to make a 26.4 hour documentary about weevils, and it’ll only cost you 78 million dollars.” And PBS will happily sign off on that. All other documentarians have to live with 2-hour slots and budgets topping out at about $50.