Video: Senators Evan Bayh and Kit Bond discuss the NIE on CNN

This is from Late Edition, Sunday Dec. 16th. Both Bayh and Bond are members of the Senate Intelligence Committee and have read the classified National Intelligence Estimate. And neither buy the idea that the Iranians have truly dropped their nuclear weapons program. Both of the senators make a great deal of sense, though Bayh does wade into the fictitious “rush to bomb.” Bond corrects him on that. Wolf goes to bat for Iran when he describes their fissile material activities as being legal under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, and Bayh corrects him on that. Both senators play a common blog card and say that in order to fully understand the NIE, you have to read the whole thing. Presumably, by that they mean the classified version, which of course wasn’t released, so we’re stuck with the declassified version that was easily spun in Iran’s favor.