Video: CAIR weighs in on the murder of Aqsa Parvez

Megyn Kelly lists a number of honor killings and name checks Michelle’s site for further reference, to which CAIR’s man Ahmed Rehab responds that it’s analogous to garden variety domestic violence. That’s of course not the case at all; this kind of killing of young women is widespread yet unique to occurs all too frequently in Islamic communities. The CAIR man also sounds a positive note on the freedom of women to choose whether to wear burqas and head scarves or not, a case weakened by CAIR’s own inept Photoshopping of a scarf onto the uncovered head of a woman who appeared in a photo on its own site. There’s what you say and there’s what you do, and CAIR’s man says good things on this issue. The important thing to keep an eye on is what CAIR actually does about it.

[I pulled a link to a story that turned out not to be relevant to the issues above. My mistake for posting it.]