Islamic sensitivity wages an unfriendly match against the Milan soccer team

I’m guessing that this clown is using Islamist sentiments because he’s a poor sport. Or maybe he’s a poor sport because he’s an Islamist clown. Either way, Milan ought to give him the back of its best lawyer’s hand.

A Turkish lawyer who’s an expert on European law, Baris Kaska, is asking Uefa to cancel the three points Inter earned in their win against Fenerbahce in the recent Champions League match.

The Nerazzurri had beaten the Turkish champions 3-0 at home to qualify for the next round of the Champions League.

The reason for the appeal is unusual: the celebratory shirt for Inter’s centenary worn by the team that night, and on several other occasions this season, offended many people in Turkey.

The shirt’s scheme saw a big red cross on a white background, a symbol of the city of Milan, and reminded many of an emblem of the order of the Templars, which is considered offensive in Islamic culture.

If European law ends up being used by a Turk to suppress Milan’s team symbol in its own home stadium, then European law is a pig.