Video: Huckabee admits flipping on Cuba because he's running for President

I honestly don’t set out every morning to write a negative post about Mike Huckabee, my fellow Southern Baptist. I really don’t. I just want all you Huck supporters out there to know that, because what I’m about to write may be the most negative thing about him that I’ve written yet.

Yesterday, Gov. Huckabee admitted that as governor of Arkansas, and indeed because he was governor of Arkansas, he didn’t know much about the decades-long cold war between the United States and Cuba. He wanted the trade embargo on Cuba lifted so that Arkansas could sell rice to Castro’s island prison. Huckabee didn’t seem to be aware of just how bad what he said sounded, that it made him sound ignorant and unqualified for the job he’s currently pursuing. Surely he does remember hearing about Elian Gonzalez, sent back to Castro’s Cuba by Huckabee’s fellow Arkansan, Bill Clinton? The Mareil boatlift? The Cuban Missile Crisis? The Spanish-American War?

They do have schools in Arkansas, right? These schools do teach history? Mike Huckabee attended school and learned history at some point in his life? Then there is no excuse for him not to know about the decades-long and continuing cold war between the US and Cuba. No excuse at all.

And there is also no excuse for him to flip flop on Cuba just because he’s running for president. His answer regarding this question last night on Hannity & Colmes is refreshingly honest, yet clueless.

Huckabee certainly isn’t the first candidate in either party to flip-flop on an issue because he’s running for president. That has become practically a tradition, going back at least as far as George H. W. Bush’s flip from pro-choice to pro-life to run on the Republican side, and Bill Clinton’s flip on that same issue in the opposite direction in the 1980s to pursue the Democrat nomination. There have been numerous flips in the current race by several of the candidates on both sides. Perhaps I should commend Huckabee for admitting that presidential ambition has caused his Cuba flip. Perhaps. I might, if I thought he had a clue as to why we’ve had decades of hostility between the US and Cuba in the first place.