Max Mayfield destroys Democrats' global warming conspiracy

Democrats have been darkly theorizing that the Bush administration pressured former National Hurricane Center director Max Mayfield to downplay the dubious link between global warming and more frequent, stronger hurricanes — which haven’t actually been happening with greater frequency, but never mind that. Recent hurricane forecasts have been wildly off too, but never mind that. The Dems released a report yesterday titled Political Interference With Climate Change Science Under the Bush Administration, just to make sure the world knows what they think. They think Bush is bad, evil, and constantly engaging in one conspiracy after another. Noted. We’ve heard 7+ years of that. We get it.

Unfortunately for Henry Waxman and his merry band of sleuths, Mayfield is able to speak for himself, and he says that the Democrats’ 16-month investigation is wrong.

The former director of the National Hurricane Center says political pressure did not cause him to change his congressional testimony to downplay the link between global warming and hurricanes — contradicting the findings of a Democratic led investigation released Monday.

“I can truthfully say that no one told me at any time what to say in regard to possible impacts of climate change on tropical cyclones,” said Max Mayfield in an e-mail to ABC News.

“I want the record to show that no one forced me to say anything on the subject of climate change and tropical cyclones that I didn’t believe at the time,” Mayfield told ABC News.

“I accept the fact that global warming is real,” Mayfield said. “Most meteorologists with knowledge of tropical cyclones think that there will be some impact from global warming on hurricanes. The debate is over how much of an impact.”

He says he never heard from anyone on the committee about the incident. “No one ever asked me about the context in which my testimony was given. No one from this committee or any other Congressional committee ever asked me if I was improperly pressured to change my testimony,” Mayfield said.

The phrase “…that I didn’t believe at the time” is key. The Waxman investigation alleges that emails it obtained from NOAA officials regarding the dubious gw/hurricane link prove that Mayfield testified under pressure. His email to ABC says that’s not so, that he testified according to what he already believed based on the science. So why didn’t the Waxman group ask Mayfield directly about all this? Could it be that they knew how he would answer and just didn’t want to hear it? That’s the most logical explanation. What we have here is another piece of evidence that the Democrats just don’t care if any of the charges they lob against Bush are accurate. They just. Don’t. Care. And neither do their supporters.

Still, this has been a bad week for the Democrats. They have been exposed on waterboarding, had their dark CIA tapes conspiracy evaporate, and now their global warming conspiracy is gone to the ether as well. Should we put the nutroots on suicide watch? Or just await the next bogus conspiracy theory?

Expect this inconvenient call to have zero impact on the likes of Waxman.