Video: Mitt Romney talks immigration on Beck

Former MA Gov. Mitt Romney appeared on Glenn Beck’s CNN show Sunday. His performance was magnificent, indeed so incredibly stupendous that all other interviews from now until the end of time and space will be judged by the astounding clarity and brilliance seen here. Anyone who doubts this is not to be trusted as an analyst.

Juuuust kidding.

It is actually a fine appearance. Gov Romney hits all the right points on immigration, promises to look into the Ramos/Compean case if he’s elected and comes across as what he is, a very likable and articulate candidate. Romney, like all the other candidates, has his weaknesses. Public speaking definitely isn’t one of them.

Romney works in a nice slam on Huckabee and Giuliani regarding sanctuary policies. Beck passes on a chance to query the governor about his now former “sanctuary mansion.” I bet the governor had six points ready to go if Beck had brought it up. The part about 100 promises made and kept as governor should put a few reporters on some rabbit trails.