Redacted, mother of all flops

Byron York reports that the Mark Cuban/Brian De Palma anti-war film Redacted has earned $60,456 at the box office. Total. That’s for a film that has one of Hollywood’s biggest names and one of the country’s deepest pocketbooks behind it.

To put that earning figure into some perspective, York compares Redacted earnings to films like Beowulf, which is a film that people actually want to see. Beowulf has hauled in about $75 million so far. Another way to size up Redacted’s monster flop is to do a little division. Figuring $10 a ticket, in its entire run Redacted has attracted just 6,046 viewers (rounding up from 6,045.6). Total. To put that into some perspective, that 35-second cute cat video I posted last week has attracted 2.7 million viewers. The YouTube series Happy Slip, a series featuring no big name talent with no Hollywood promotion machine attracting headlines or generating buzz, regularly attracts half a million viewers per episode.

So yeah, I’d say that Redacted is a ginormous, Ishtar-grade flop.

Update: Redacted has also attracted a smaller audience than this video of a guy talking about shaving.

Update: On the other hand, Hollywood is still capable of making films that depict US troops as self-sacrificing heroes, and such a film released in 2007 did extremely well at the box office. The giant frickin’ robots didn’t hurt, naturally.