Iranian students: "Live free or die" Update: Video added

Students at America’s elite Columbia University protest because the curriculum isn’t politically correct enough. Students at Iran’s elite Tehran University protest because they want to live in country that respects basic human rights.

Students defied a clampdown on protests in Iran yesterday by tearing down the gates of Tehran university.

They chanted slogans against President Ahmadinejad and carried placards saying “Live free or die”, “No war, no fascism” and “Women must decide their fate, not the state.”

They wrecked the iron-barred gates and threw stones at police, according to Iranian state radio, which said the protest ended peacefully.

Update: The Washington Times has more, including a link to this exclusive video of students chanting against Iran turning into a Pinochet-like dictatorship.

One witness, Mehdi Arabshahi, said the protest lasted more than two hours as students rallied against President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s hardline administration.

“Students chanted against policies by Ahmadinejad’s administration, which is imposing pressures on the universities and detaining activists,” Mr. Arabshahi said.

Another witness, Abbas Kazemi, said the protesters also called out anti-war slogans aimed at the United States and Israel.

The latter were probably government stooges. That’s who you tend to see protesting on behalf of Iran’s mullahcracy here in the US.