Hot Air readers in Iowa and New Hampshire: I want to hear from you

The caucus and primary are coming up shortly, and if you have a camera or audio recorder and the time to attend any campaign events, you can help us cover it all and get stories out that the MSM won’t cover. We’ll call it distributed journalism.

Here’s how it will work. If you’re going to a campaign event in either state and you’re taking along a video camera, a still camera or an audio recorder, shoot me an email at bryan – at – hotair – dot – com to let me know about it. After the event, shoot me another email to let me know how it went and whether you captured anything that the readers here might be interested in. It could be funny, emotional, a gaffe, a moving moment, an impromptu encounter with a candidate, anything that you’ve captured and that you think Hot Air’s readers will want to see. We’ll work out the logistics of you getting the video, audio or image to me for posting here. It will help if you have access to a high speed internet connection, but it’s not absolutely necessary. We’ll credit all submissions that get used on the site.

Let’s show Helen Thomas how dangerous blogs can really be.