Is CNN plotting Hugo Chavez's murder?

Of course not. But that’s what the Venezuelan madman Hugh Chavez seems to think.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said on Wednesday CNN may have been instigating his murder when the U.S. TV network showed a photograph of him with a label underneath that read “Who killed him?”

The caption appeared to be a production mistake — confusing a Chavez news item with one on the death of a football star. The anchor said “take the image down” when he realized.

But Chavez called for a probe in an interview on state television, where he repeatedly reviewed a tape of the broadcast, questioning why the unconnected photograph and wording were left on screen for several seconds.

CNN was obviously teasing a story about the murder of Redskins player Sean Taylor, not teasing the future murder of Hugo Chavez. I guess Hugo has never heard the word “glitch.”

In other crazy Hugo news, Venezuela also recalled its ambassador to Colombia over the tiff I posted on yesterday.

Venezuela has recalled its ambassador to Colombia for consultations following a harsh exchange of words between the presidents of both countries.

The Venezuelan government said it was carrying out an “exhaustive evaluation of its relationship” with Colombia.

But Colombia said it would not follow suit and withdraw its envoy in Caracas.

The dispute began last week when Colombia ended Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez’s involvement in hostage negotiations with the Farc rebel group.

Mr Chavez called the decision a “spit in the face” and froze bilateral ties.

The Colombian President, Alvaro Uribe, responded by accusing his counterpart of not being interested in promoting peace in Colombia and wanting the country to “be a victim of a Farc terrorist government”.

One way or another, Chavez’s rule is becoming less and less likely to end well.