Video: A geography lesson for Keith Olbermann

NBC madman Keith Olbermann often makes a point of showcasing his alleged intelligence by making obscure references that aren’t funny (and are really just a pale immitation of Dennis Miller’s trademark recondite allusions), but mostly by disparaging the intelligence of others. During the pre-game to last night’s Patriots-Eagles game, Olbermann chided Broncos’ kicker Todd Saurbrun for kicking and punting to dangerous Bears’ return man Devin Hester. True, kicking to Hester is a bad idea. But so is putting Denver, CO on the wrong side of the Rocky Mountains.


Do not kick it Hester. Do not kick it to Hester. Do they get the highlights west of the Rockies?

Of course they do. They also get the highlights east of the Rockies, which is where the city of Denver is actually located.