Audio: Tom Brokaw gets taken to task for dissing Rush

From today’s Laura Ingraham show. Brokaw’s new 60s glorifying book (like we needed another one of those) runs through a riff on “influential Baby Boomers,” yet only mentions Rush Limbaugh in connection with his former addiction to pain killers (an addiction that was also suffered by the legendary Brett Favre, by the way). Limbaugh single-handedly revived AM radio and more or less created talk radio as we know it today. He helped craft and inform the conservative movement and played more than a bit part in its resurgence in the 80s and especially the 90s. He took political commentary and satire to an entirely new level and is probably responsible for creating thousands of jobs across the country by making AM radio viable and profitable. I know, because I used to work at one of his affiliates. In his industry, whether you love him or hate him, Limbaugh’s career may be the equivalent of Brett Favre and Babe Ruth put together. For that, Brokaw gives him one line in his book, and that line is a knock. And Brokaw thinks that Limbaugh is biased.