Video: Yellow Pages salutes Islam by claiming atheist and Roman Catholics as prominent Muslims Update: Video pulled Update: Video added

Via LGF, go take a look at this video that Yellow Pages produced to salute the contributions of Islam to the world. The entire video is a whitewashing of the global war on the jihad, casting Islam as completely misunderstood and all of Islam’s critics as filled with ignorance and hatred. That’s not so unusual among big corporations. What is unusual is the video’s outright lies. In a section about prominent Muslims’ contributions to modern life, it lists Frank Zappa, former NH Gov. John Sununu and former Secretary of HHS Donna Shalala.

Though he had Arab ancestry, Frank Zappa was an atheist. Donna Shalala is a Roman Catholic. John Sununu is also Catholic.

The video also claims former Sen. George Mitchell and Spencer Abraham as Muslims. I haven’t been able to debunk that yet, but I doubt that it’s true. It claims several other prominent figures as Muslims that, to say the least, deserve some fact-checking.

The Yellow Pages video evidently conflates Arab ancestry with belief in Islam, which is ridiculous: Many Christians, Jews and members of other faiths have had to flee Islamic countries to escape persecution by Muslims.

Update: George Mitchell is a Maronite Christian, and Spencer Abraham is Christian as well. Curiously, the video doesn’t mention one prominent Muslim musician: Cat Stevens, now known as Yusuf Islam. I wonder why?

Update: They pulled the video. Too bad for them that I’d already downloaded it. If it ever comes out of processing limbo at YouTube, I’ll post it here.

Update: You always have to stay a step ahead of those devious minds at Yellow Pages. They pulled the video but it lives on, with a little fact-checking added to the end.

Update: Robert Spencer finds two more “Muslims” who are actually Christians.

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