Report/rumor: The National Right to Life Committee will announce a presidential endorsement tomorrow; Update: It's Fred, says Fox

And the endorsement will go to…Fred Thompson.

This will be a major pick-up for Thompson, but an interesting choice for the NRLC. The NRLC spent much of the past few years fighting against McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform; Thompson played a key role in CFR’s passage. And the NRLC favors the Human Life Amendment, while Thompson opposes it.

On the other hand, Thompson does have a 100% pro-life voting record as a senator. While his language about not wanting to criminalize young girls and mothers could be mistaken for NARAL rhetoric, Thompson’s voting record is solid. Picking up the NRLC endorsement probably turns the Robertson endorsement of Giuliani into a wash, which in turn means that we’re looking at a very divided social con base in the GOP.

Update (AP): Here’s the semi-confirmation at Fox News.

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