Video: Romney's "Change Immigration" ad

Watch out, Mitt. Mention illegal immigration and Bill Clinton will compare you to al Qaeda.

As to the ad itself, we’re back in the garden that Allah doesn’t like but doesn’t bug me so much. It gets him out of the usual political settings and lets him look like a regular home owning guy. It also connects whatever issue is being discussed with the “American dream,” which is never a bad thing to do. In the ad’s opening, Romney nails the top three Democrat candidates as wrong on illegal immigration. He then highlights his record as governor, pivots to what he’d do as president — cut off sanctuary cities is a point I’ve been making for a while, and it’s good to see a major candidate pledge to do it — then makes the point that legal immigration is “great,” but illegal immigration has to be stopped. That point needs to be driven home and this ad does that. A solid, effective ad that covers a lot of ground in 30 seconds.

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