Democrats yank border security from defense spending bill

They can find millions here and there for all kinds of non-defense related pork, but not for actual border security?

Sen. Lindsey Graham, a Republican from South Carolina, said Tuesday that Democrats had stripped from a defense spending bill a $3 billion border-security amendment that the Senate passed overwhelmingly last month.

Graham said Democrats also attached conditions to the Iraq war funding, leading all Republican senators on a conference committee to refuse to sign the panel’s report.

“I’m incredibly disappointed,” Graham said in an interview. “Congress would serve itself well if we funded border security as my amendment proposes, and it would help us move the immigration debate further down the road.”

Maybe he should have told the porksters to shut up.

On a serious note, the Senate passed that amendment 95-1. So who yanked it?

Aides to Democratic leaders of the Senate and the House failed Tuesday evening to return phone calls seeking comment on Graham’s claims, or said they didn’t know anything about the issues. Graham planned to hold a news conference Wednesday with other senators.

The feckless Democrats are too busy hiding under their desks to answer the question.

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