ABC News report: Kerik indicted

On a range of charges, says ABC News.

A federal grand jury has voted to indict former New York City Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik on charges stemming from the acceptance of free rent and apartment renovations, tax evasion and lying on his application for the job as head of the Department of Homeland Security, two federal sources and a source involved in the defense told ABC News.

The indictment was expected tomorrow, and that’s probably when it will be made official. The most immediate target, in political and press attention, will be Rudy Giuliani. Kerik was Giuliani’s police commissioner, and it was on Giuliani’s recommendation that President Bush nominated Kerik to head up the Department of Homeland Security in 2004.

Kerik is the second major New York police figure that I know of to find himself in serious legal trouble after working in the Giuliani-era NYPD. The other is Ed Norris, a 20-year NYPD veteran who became Baltimore police commissioner in 2000. He left the job in 2002 amid a corruption investigation and ended up spending some time in prison. Like the charges against Kerik, Norris’ troubles had to do with using his official position to amass personal wealth. Like Kerik, Norris’ record trying to clean up a crime-ridden city was mostly positive. Fwiw.

Hillary had a bad patch the past couple of weeks. Giuliani can probably expect a couple of rough weeks now. He’ll play up Kerik’s record of helping to clean up New York, which is fair, but defending Kerik carries its risks too.

More: Just to clarify things, Norris’ charges all occurred during his time in Baltimore.

Update: What she said.

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