Audio: Laura Ingraham on the Robertson endorsement

I think this is gonna leave a mark.

LAURA INGRAHAM: I like all the Republicans running, I really do, I think all of them will be better than Hillary, but get out! I mean, Pat Robertson is endorsing Giuliani, because what, he thinks that…I get it, here it is: you’re standing up for social conservatism because you, Pat Robertson, believe that if Giuliani gets the nomination, you see the train going down the track, the pro-Giuliani train, you want to hop on board because you think you’re going to be riding on that train until what? The glory days? Here’s my view: get ready to be thrown off that train at 65 miles an hour because that’s what’s going to happen to Pat Robertson. That’s my view.

There are certainly grounds to see opportunism in Robertson’s endorsement. And there are definitely grounds to expect it to backfire. Thus, the social cons’ ambivalence about Giuliani.

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