Video: Lefty whackjobs waterboard themselves

They did this outside the Capitol today to protest the nomination of Michael Mukasey to become AG. I don’t think this video really helps sell the idea that it’s an extreme treatment. Compared to all the videos floating around out there of Saddam’s grisly tortures and Zarqawi’s killings, this seems mild. It must be worse than it looks. Or they’re, you know, being as excitable as usual.

Update: The folks over at Stop the ACLU have noticed something that I noticed earlier too, which is that the towel seems awfully rigid as it’s going on the guy’s face, as though there’s a shield or something there. They’re obviously hiding whatever is under the towel, which could be allowing water through or it could be keeping water from getting to the guy at all. It’s hard to say. I’m not sure that that means they’re faking the waterboarding, though I wouldn’t put it past them.

Update: Down in comments, jummy says it’s a sponge. Could be. The point is, I don’t think it’s fair to jump to claims of fakery based solely on what’s in the video.

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