Clinton: Yes or no questions are "cutesy"

Vote for Hillary Clinton and you get all the Clinton corruption and doubletalk without any of the greasy charm that at least made him entertaining. She’s so bad at that part of the job that Bill Clinton keeps having to do it for her. The latest iteration: Asking her yes or no policy questions is unfair.

Former President Clinton on Monday compared Republican criticism of his wife’s position on driver’s license for illegal immigrants to the ads that helped sink John Kerry’s White House hopes in 2004.

“I had the feeling that at the end of that last debate we were about to get into cutesy land again,” Clinton told some 3,000 members of the American Postal Worker’s Union at a convention.

I’ll point out one more time that the Swifties were never factually debunked. They were smeared and mischaracterized, lied about and abused, but never debunked.

But Bill Clinton said the issue is too complicated for sound bites.

“It’s fine for Hillary and all the other Democrats to discuss Governor Spitzer’s plan. But not in 30 seconds — yes, no, raise your hand,” he said.

Actually it’s not complicated at all. Do you support the basic rule of law, yes or no?

See how easy that is?

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