Video: Silky opposes drivers licenses for illegal aliens

Well. Look who’s running to Hillary’s right on Eliot Spitzer’s drivers licenses for illegals plan. John Edwards appeared on This Week for an interview with former Clinton administration staffer George Stephanopolous. Edwards hammered away at Clinton for playing the girl card and announced that he opposes the Spitzer plan to give drivers licenses to illegal aliens who aren’t on track to become legal residents or citizens. That exchange comes about 7 minutes in.


He still supports “comprehensive immigration reform,” though, which would amnesty millions who are here illegally, and would put them in a spot where Edwards would favor them getting drivers licenses. So ultimately he’s still on the wrong side of the issue even while he’s scoring points against Hillary over the Spitzer plan.

Illegal immigration may prove to be the salient issue next year, and the Democrats are more divided on it than the Republicans are at this point.

Clinton, meanwhile, is still taking grief over the Hillarycare documents issue that Tim Russert raised during the debate last week. The field is opening up for an aggressive challenger to start chipping away at Hillary’s lead. Edwards goes on ABC to talk policy and criticize Clinton directly (and sound mostly sane in the interview), while Obama goes on SNL to play dress-up.

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