Audio: NBC football goes green Plus Cowboys vs Eagles open thread

Geez. Football used to be one of the few places on earth you could escape moonbattery and politics in general. But not anymore, at least not on NBC. Noooo. First they had to put Keith Olbermann in their coverage. And now they pull a lame green stunt on their pre-game show by turning off some lights. I wasn’t watching but AJ Rice of the Laura Ingraham Show caught it for us. Click to play.

Mister Irrelevant gives NBC the respect its greenish nonsense deserves.

NBC is totally about to change the world, brosephs. I mean, 20 minutes of having the lights off will completely override the energy spent on their countless HD cameras and whatever machine they’ve invited to keep John Madden semi-functional. ESPN should give this little plan a shot with their MNF Countdown show. It might make Suzy Kolber attractive.

I disagree with that last line. NBC should start by turning MSNBC off and leaving it that way. It’s not like anyone would notice.

By the way, I am watching the game now. With a whole bunch of lights on. W00t! Take that, Costas.

Update: AJ tells me in email that Matt Lauer is going to be on at half-time talking green from the Arctic. Geez. Matt. Lauer. This news prompts me to write an open letter to the NFL. Here it is.

Dear NFL,

Lose NBC. Now.


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