Video: The Hillary "pile-on" continues

Earlier Allah linked John Edwards’ effective anti-Hillary ad. All the Edwards camp had to do to toast Hillary was to take quotes of hers spaced a few minutes apart and play them next to each other. The resulting picture is of a Hillary that can’t or won’t — take your pick, since she’s a Clinton — answer straightforward questions straightforwardly. The ad strikes squarely. Maybe Edwards learned to fight women while watching his wife fight his own battles against Ann Coulter. Or maybe Mrs. Edwards came up with the Hillary ad. It’s hard to imagine Silky landing such a solid punch on his own.

Anyway, even the NYT is savaging Clinton, quoting everyone from the overly mild-mannered Barack Obama to its own Ruth Marcus to make the point that the after-debate “they’re ganging up on me” argument is making Hillary look weak. And it is. Imagine her using that argument when Chavez, Ahmadinejad and Assad get together to pull a stunt against her as POTUS. Kiss American credibility good-bye.

If Clinton is losing the New York Times, it will eventually show up in the polls.

The RNC has an ad of its own based on Hillary’s debate debacle. Together with Edwards’ ad, it’s effective. Both will be useful once Hillary finishes dispatching with the rest of the Democrat field.

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