Reid to Azteca America forum: We'll get your amnesty

Amnesty just won’t die.

Azteca America, the fastest-growing Hispanic television network in the United States, is proud to have hosted Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid on this Monday’s broadcast of “Issues: Caras y Voces,” a political forum hosted by veteran Latino journalist Armando Guzman…

“They can do all the mean spirited things they want. I’m going to move ahead with an agenda that is positive. It’s easy to be negative. What we need to do of course is comprehensive immigration reform. We didn’t do that. We were stopped by the Republicans. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t continue to do the right thing.”

“Comprehensive immigration reform…” as soundly rejected, repeatedly, by the “mean spirited” American people. Reid isn’t listening to American voters. Or maybe he’s still confused as to who is and isn’t an American.

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