Could Spitzer sink the unstoppable Democrats?

I’m not going to come up with a bunch of contrived lines leading to a lame Titanic analogy, but here’s the iceberg: Elliot Spitzer’s support for drivers licenses for illegals. It’s illegal, it’s bad policy and it’s bad politics — Spitzer hits the trifecta! That said, I think the NY Post paints the problem that NY Gov Elliot Spitzer’s licence-for-illegal aliens plan has created for Democrats as probably larger than it is (my own disgust with Republicans who advocate similar things probably balancing my thinking here), but then again they may be on to something. I certainly hope they are.

A half-dozen senior Democrats told The Post that Spitzer’s licensing plan is producing what one called “a mass exodus” away from the party’s candidates that may lead to unexpected losses in November’s local elections.

They are also warning that growing voter unhappiness with Spitzer on the licensing and other issues – illustrated in several recent polls – could carry into next year and end the Democrats’ hope of winning control of the GOP-dominated state Senate.

“The driver’s-license issue is a killer for us in the suburbs,” a senior party strategist said.

They go on to say that Hillary herself may be forced to reject Spitzer’s plan, but I think they’re underestimating the Glacier’s ability to avoid this particular iceberg. She has managed to build a New England Patriot-sized lead in the anti-war party without apologizing for voting in favor of the Iraq war, after all, and she’s built that lead over at least one charismatic opponent without having any evident charisma of her own . Among the Democrats who have invested the past umpteen years defending all things Clinton, she could probably confess to eating live children and have an army of James Carvilles out defending her within a nanosecond. They won’t hold her to account for something the NY governor did. The press won’t make her answer for it in the general election, either. They won’t even make her answer for her own actions.

But this issue could do unto Spitzer what it helped do unto Gray Davis. The Republicans just need to hold fast and don’t throw the man a life saver.

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David Strom 3:21 PM on March 24, 2023