Video: Rep. Pete Stark's nutroots-flavored rant; Update: Veto override vote fails; Update: Stark thanks dKos for its support

Michelle was liveblogging the S-CHIP debate at the time, and mentioned Crazy Pete’s rant.

Update 11:17am Eastern. Rep. Pete Stark starts blabbering about Republicans who don’t want to spend money on children, but instead want to spend it on “an illegal war” to be fought by children whom Republicans want to send to Iraq to “blow people up” and “get their heads blown up” for “his amusement.”

Stark: “Bush just likes to blow things up!!!”

Making atheists everywhere proud, I’m sure.

Well, here’s the video.

The man is a demagogic lunatic.

Update: The veto override vote has failed, 273-156.

Update: Stark thanks his natural constituency for its support.

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