Video: Dallas reporter bullies 70-year-old man on camera

Via InstaPundit and Riehl World View, you have to see this video to believe it. KDFW-TV reporter Rebecca Aquilar badgers 70-year-old Army veteran James Walton and reduces the man to tears. His crime: Defending his property against thieves who repeatedly broke in and stole from him. After more than 40 calls to police didn’t stop the burglaries at his home and place of business (they’re the same place), he shot and killed two burglars in the span of three weeks. Because they were breaking into his home with impunity. Fortunately, common sense and the laws of Texas back up Mr. Walton’s right to take the actions that he took. Evidently, that’s not good enough for journalist Rebecca Aguilar, so she ambushed him.

[Video removed]

“Are you a trigger happy person?” ought to be tattooed on her arm.

Aguilar has been suspended. Instead of being feted as Hispanic Journalist of the Year, she ought to be held up as one example of what has become all to prevalent in the news business: Arrogant journalists who take the wrong side in nearly every story they “objectively” cover and make it impossible for average folks to live their lives in peace. She’s the kind of journalist who runs up to the family of a plane crash victim, tells them that their loved on has perished, and then shoves a mic in their face and asks “How do you feel?”

Update: If you’d like to contact KDFW-TV, this post has the info. If you contact them or the reporter, be civil. In other words, don’t act like Aguilar did.

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