Hot Air Audio: Sara Carter on the case of the TB traveler Update: Congressional investigation?

Washington Times reporters Audrey Hudson and Sara Carter have uncovered a very disturbing story: A man from Mexico who is infected with a very virulent form of tuberculosis was able to travel back and forth across the US-Mexican border at least 76 times over the past year. International cooperation and our own Department of Homeland Security are supposed to stop this sort of thing. Today, I interviewed Sara Carter about the story, where things stand now and what’s likely to happen next. She breaks a couple of new facts in this interview, that haven’t been published anywhere yet. Click to play.

The Times has also published a short video of Hudson and Carter discussing the case.

Update: Two senators and a representative are demanding that Congress investigate the TB traveler case.

Republican Sens. Susan Collins of Maine — ranking member of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee — and John Cornyn of Texas are demanding an investigation of the agency and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

“This troubling incident appears to be another outrageous failure of a border security system that is struggling to keep pace with modern threats,” Miss Collins said. “It is disturbing that DHS does not have better systems in place for collecting, disseminating, and acting on such information. Following the incident with Mr. Speaker, DHS and the Centers for Disease Control instituted a formal memorandum of understanding to govern information sharing.

“Either that new procedure was not yet in place at the time of this incident or those changes were inadequate. DHS and the CDC must investigate and take corrective action to ensure that the technology, procedures, and training are in place to prevent incidents like these in the future,” Miss Collins said….

Rep. Peter T. King, New York Republican and ranking member of the House Homeland Security Committee, said, “These allegations clearly demand an explanation. [DHS] is responsible for protecting our nation from a number of different threats, and any potential security breach must be addressed immediately.”

Read the rest. As I said in the interview, of all the things that Congress is investigating right now, this strikes me as one thing that they actually ought to be investigating.

Here’s audio of Sen. John Cornyn discussing the case and asking for an investigation.

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