NFL: Cowboys 25, Bills 24

Stunning. The league’s best offense went up against the league’s worst defense and got owned by that defense for most of the game. Tony Romo hurls 5 INTs and coughs up a fumble. The Bills turned two of his INTs into instant TDs. And Bills rookie QB Trent Edwards played a solid game throughout while “the next Brett Favre” looked more like the present Rex Grossman.

But at the end with the Cowboys trailing 24-22 with 18 seconds to go, it came down to an onside kick, a recovery by the Boys, two quick completions by Romo and eventually a 53-yard field goal by rookie kicker Nick Folk. Or, actually, two 53-yarders, one that counted and one that didn’t thanks to a timely timeout by the Bills.

The Cowboys shouldn’t have won this game. But they did, lifting them to 5-0. Good teams win big, and sometimes good teams win ugly, but the bottom line is that they win. The Cowboys square off against one of the league’s other two undefeated teams, the New England Patriots, at Texas Stadium on Sunday. It’ll be a wild one.

David Strom 7:01 PM on September 24, 2022