Austria backpack bomber: Another "confused" unfortunate who just happened to be equipped to kill?

Man gets arrested sporting some kind of highly lethal weapon in a public place. Authorities ignore obvious signs of sudden jihad syndrome, and chalk the whole thing up to the fellow just being “confused.” Wash, rinse, repeat.


Austrian police arrested a man early Monday afternoon just moments after his backpack full of explosives and nails set off a metal detector at the security checkpoint he was trying to pass through before entering the embassy. Although Austrian officials have not released the full name of the man, Crime Library has received information that identifies him as 42-year-old Asim Cejanovic, originally of Bijeljina, Bosnia-Herzegovina. Austrian officials would identify the man only as Asim C.

Ethnic Muslims comprise almost 50 percent of the population of Bosnia-Herzegovina, part of the former Yugoslavia.

Who wants to guess which side of that religion coin he’ll eventually come down on?

Erik Buxbaum, Austria’s public security manager, said, “It’s too early to talk about Islamic radicals.”

It’s pretty much always too early to talk about them. Most people just refuse to do so.

Beginning almost immediately after police arrested the suspect, officials were quoted as saying the man seemed “confused.” They said he spoke in broken German during initial interrogation and that his answers were rambling.

“Confused” was the same word U.S. authorities applied to third-year medical student Houssein Zorkot in Dearborn, Mich. Zorkot ran a jihadist Web site dedicated to the terror group Hezbollah until police nabbed him in a park last month dressed in military garb, with his face painted black, and toting a loaded AK-47.


So he was dazed and confused, but at some point decided to stick a bomb on himself. But heavens it’s too early to talk about what might have motivated him to put that bomb on himself and attempt to enter the US embassy. Nothing to see here, folks.

Oh, I don’t like when you’re mystifyin’ me
Oh, don’t leave me so confused, now
Whoa, baby

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