Video: Tony Romo's crazy play Updated

I’m mainly posting this for the Cowboy haters in the crowd.

It was the second quarter Sunday, Cowboys and Rams tied 7-7, Dallas had the ball at about midfield on 3rd and 3. Center Andre Gurode deep snapped the ball several feet over the head of Dallas QB Tony Romo. And Romo turned what should have been a disastrous play into a first down. He went on to finish the drive with a 15-yard run up the middle to score. The Romo Miracle is the third play in the NFL’s highlight reel. Click on the image to head over to see it.


Update: There’s a request down in comments to post Favre’s 421st TD pass. Eh. It’s a great record, and I admire Favre, but it’s not that exciting a play. I’d much rather post video of the Eagles looking terrible and getting thrashed by the Giants on national TV. 12 sacks? Seriously? I can’t get enough of that.