Unraveling the Steele Dossier at CPAC - The Devin Nunes interview with Dan Bongino

Two of the informed voices on Russia collusion have a discussion.

Following the very intriguing release of an old FBI file this week exposing the vacancy of the Russian collusion investigation, the one who exposed this report, Dan Bongino, was down on the main stage at CPAC to talk with Devin Nunes. These documents — which could for once be accurately described as a bombshell — was an FBI 302 report summary of what was learned from the sub-source used by Michael Steele to compile his infamous dossier.

Following three interviews with this source the 302s describe details that contradict the entire thrust of the Mueller report. Rod Rosenstein, on three occasions at the dawning of the Mueller report in 2017, stipulated that President Donald Trump was not a suspect. The other revelation was that George Papadopoulos was not only found not to be colluding with Russia, and had no proven connection to the Trump campaign, but he was also revealed to be willing to cooperate with the FBI.

As the two men began, Nunes gave some thanks and praise to Bongino for his work on exposing the foibles of the Mueller probe. Along with using his radio program to detail the various problems, Bongino has written two books covering the Russian collusion probe. ‘’Had to be a lonely place to be covering those stories before they were disproven.’’

The two dug into the 302s, showing the flawed basis for all of it, mentioning how the timing was curious since the moment Papadopoulos offered to help the FBI Joseph Mifsud, a key player to helping build the Steele Dossier, clears out of the country. When Bongino brought up this component he mentioned how Mifsud, and Steele, and a number of other players comprised an intelligence pipeline of sorts between the UK and the Obama-led organizations.

As Bongino referenced this academic circle in England, Nunes had a reference name at the ready; ‘’The Cambridge Club’’. The congressman then explained it was this intel channel that came to ensnare General Mike Flynn. Nunes reiterated how all of the key elements of the Mueller investigation alleging wrongdoing derived from the Steele Dossier, and no other source. He explained the flaw in that document.

Explaining the usual course of counter-intelligence taken, Nunes explained how normally intel briefs carry a distinction called ‘’5 eyes.”This refers to a document that has been vetted by the intelligence services of the US and four other allies. None of the supposed counterintelligence evidence was ever designated with 5-Eyes approval. This makes all of the claims of guilt more than suspicious.

On the question of whether General Flynn was targeted, Nunes says that he clearly was. More than idle guesswork, Nunes said emphatically that Flynn was in the crosshairs, specifically because of the plans the general had to shrink the agencies. The plan that Flynn had in place was meant to break apart the intelligence community that had been entrenched in the Swamp. ‘’And I know this because he told me.’’

This is what made the all-too-brief interview a captivating one: two men with both the knowledge of the storyline and the facts that are in place able to speak authoritatively. Bongino asked as the last question why it takes so long for these obviously illegal actions to be taken to task. ‘’Is anybody ever going to be locked up for this?!” This led to a raucous ovation of support. ‘’I will tell you this, the second person in this country who wants these people held accountable is me.’’

Nunes explained that it takes time to compile all of the evidence and present it to the DOJ, but that ‘’I have faith that Durham will get to the bottom of this.’’ This intimates that they are taking the investigation very seriously, taking the pains to get all of the evidence properly in place. This is in direct opposition to all of the actions that we saw taking place with the Steele Dossier, the FISA warrants, and the Mueller investigation.

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